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The Best Menudo in San Antonio!

Menudo is traditionally a family food that is prepared by the entire family or even the community in some cases! It is packed full of flavor, hardy, and delicious, but can be ruined if it is not made correctly. Some of the ingredients in Menudo often take hours to prepare correctly, which makes it even harder to pull off. However, since so much is made at a time, Menudo is a perfect food for a buffet! At Hacienda Vallarta Mexican Buffet, we have some of the best Menudo in the San Antonio area, and go to great lengths to ensure it tastes as authentic and delicious as possible. Grab a coupon and stop by one of our many locations today!
Best Menudo San Antonio, TX
Mexican Buffet San Antonio, TX

About Our Restaurant & Locations

Hacienda Vallarta Mexican Buffet & Bakery is famous for being the first Mexican buffet and bakery to be created in San Antonio. We opened our doors in 2012 and, since then, have been serving residents from San Antonio and even surrounding areas! Our delicious and authentic cuisine finds its roots with Jesus Maria of Jalisco, who founded the first restaurant in 1994. Since that time, our family-owned business has expanded and opened 15 locations throughout Texas. Regardless of where you are, you will be able to find one of our establishments close to you! Check out some of our locations below, and stop by today!

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