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Visit San Antonio’s First Mexican Buffet & Bakery!

Hacienda Vallarta Mexican Buffet & Bakery has made a name for itself as being the first Mexican buffet and bakery in the San Antonio area. We couldn’t be happier filling our patrons with authentic Mexican food selections and freshly baked desserts popular among our family’s culture. We wanted to bring a twist of Mexican cuisine to the Lone Star State and we can confidently say that we’ve succeeded. 
If you want to celebrate a special occasion coming up, reserve our party room that can seat up to 125 guests! We will provide the service you need so that you won’t have to worry about a thing. Call today or fill out the form provided to reserve our party room for the date you need. 

*Pricing depends on the event. 

Hacienda Vallarta Mexican Buffet 
7200 Bandera Road, San Antonio, Texas 78238 | (210) 951-2457 

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Google Reviews 

First visit and I was so very impressed! The attentive staff was very cordial. The buffet was amazing from start to finish. A wide variety of salads to choose from. The authentic taste left my mouth watering for more. Everything from chicken to steak. Baked salmon was incredible. The dessert bar was covered with pies, cakes and cookies. I can't wait to return for next outing.
— Ron Y.

Best place in San Antonio for Mexican food....the caldos and the variety of food is outstanding.....but the staff service will make you feel at home.
— Hector B. 

Awesome place, first time here everything taste super good! The service is great. The ladies take care of your drinks and recommend the flan, super good.
— Nelly N.

Came to eat lunch with my hubby. Came to try this place out. If you love Mexican food you'll love Hacienda. The carnitas was soft and tender. The salad bar, dessert bar, and food were all good. Definitely will come here again to celebrate my hubby's birthday next month.
— Brenda G.

I live in the Rio Grande Valley and also in Mexico for many years and the authenticity of the food is right on. I would recommend people to eat here.
— Danny M.

Zomato/Urbanspoon Review 

Very affordable ($7.99 for the Sunday brunch and every day lunch, $9.99 for dinner) and in my opinion it has delicious Mexican food for the price. Everything is made from scratch including the tortillas, and they have great barbacoa! I personally love the Sunday brunch with made to order omelettes and a full spread if great Mexican breakfast and dinner items, including barbacoa, carne al pastor, beef and chicken fajitas, and carnitas. Oh and the staff is very friendly.
— Jason A.

Great food and variety, buffet style. Big restaurant and usually has a big crowd, but not a long wait.
— rpmail1

I've eaten here a couple of times. I live in Baltimore and visit San Antonio from time to time. I don't know how the food here measures up against other offerings in San Antonio, but compared with choices in Baltimore, this place offers excellent food for the price. The selection is tremendous, and even includes menudo and pasole. The desserts are not bad, especially the flan. I look forward to eating here when I am visiting San Antonio.

Visited December 2014—westernfb

Very clean. Staff was very polite. Food is delicious and hot. All you can drink limeade FTW!
— Anna M.

I have been to this restaurant a couple of times. It is a nice place to eat and relax. The food is good, and the atmosphere is pleasant. I live right next door to it, so I can just walk over whenever.
— Leann Z. 

Came here on the weekend. It was really packed and the food was very authentic, no Tex-Mex. Exactly what I was looking for since I was visiting from out of town. They have all the caldos including menudo and pozole. They have a great selection and the salsas are very authentic and spicy. Loved it.
— Teresa K. 

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Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


On Saturday & Sunday from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Adult $9.50
Child (3-5) $4.25
Child (6-10) $5.25

Lunch Buffet

Lunch Hours Monday-Friday: 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Adult $8.50
Child (3-5) $4.25
Child (6-10) $5.25

Dinner Buffet 

Dinner Hours Monday-Friday: 3:30 p.m. to close

Adult $10.99
Child (3-5) $4.75
Child (6-10) $7.75

Saturday & Sunday $11.50
Seniors 60 and Up $1.00 Off

Be prepared to kindly show ID.
Holiday prices may vary.

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