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All you can eat Mexican food?... Yes please! They also got some Chinese food options in the buffet. The fajita meat was good! Mix and match your own kind of custom taco, that's what I did! I loved it!
- Wnt S

A Lot of authentic Mexican Food, soups n desserts. Some are a bit spicy. Even a Chinese food section. The dessert section is pretty large and varied
Very nice and attentive staff.
When you're too lazy to cook and don't want to spend a fortune, come here. 
Background music is very soothing, soft romantic ranchero n classic Mexican oldies. 
- The Horanzys

There was alot of food I enjoyed here. I found it very interesting that they had some good Chinese food, and the soup stand and steak grill are a great touch. Desert was not very good, some of it seemed like it was just sitting there for hours. The restaurant itself had very attendant staff, but needs abit of a clean. Either way good spot, would definitely recommend to a friend to try at least once.
- Eric Suriel

GREAT FOOD!!! Nothing closer to authentic then this! Almost as good as what my mom cooks! Highly recommend! They also Support our Troops with a Military Discount and as a Military family we truly THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!
- Lisa Summerfield

So glad I discovered this gem. Mexican food buffet and bakery, they have just about anything you could want, even caldo! Pretty great desserts too.
- Cristianna Rodriquez

Very good food staff is great can also enjoy alcoholic beverages great place lots of choices on the weekends
- Edward Montano

They are very reasonable and have several types of food on their buffet. Our family enjoyed the visit there.
Food was good. Clean restaurant. Cheerful workers. 
- Mary Laughlin

It's all you can eat buffet Mexican food and I also have some Chinese food there to the food is great and it's got a nice selection of desserts also.
- Michael Monsalvo

Surprisingly good food for a buffet. Unfortunately some of the food was cold and it was hard to flag staff down even though they weren't super busy.
- Kara Cecil Crausbay

Great selection! Lots of food. Flavor was above average. I'll be back again.
- Dan Austin

I am originally from El Paso,TX and I know my Mexican food and this place is great for a buffet Mexican joint. Not that expensive and always busy. Great desserts!
- rafael velasco

Good service friendly people good food and very helpful...
- Joe Barron

Great food, great service... filling, do recommend only beans no flavor other than that good!
- Cindy

It's good at $15 Mexican buffet-service and freshness has gotten better.
- Donald Cruz

Great Food and Service. We were driving around just looking for a good place to eat and found Hacienda Vallarta. Very nice clean place with very good food, especially for a buffet. You serve yourself, but the staff was very friendly and quick with the drinks. They have all the usual Tex-Mex favorites and even some seafood and Chinese food. I had some grilled steak strips, which they make right in front of you. It was delicious with the grilled onions and peppers and fresh tortillas. The Pan Dulce was also good for dessert. I highly recommend it and it's terrific if you're on a budget. I plan to go again!
- Mr C

Great place to eat affordable n delicious. 100% recommend it.
- Anthony Camacho

First visit and I was so very impressed! The attentive staff was very cordial. The buffet was amazing from start to finish. A wide variety of salads to choose from. The authentic taste left my mouth watering for more. Everything from chicken to steak. Baked salmon was incredible. The dessert bar was covered with pies, cakes and cookies. I can't wait to return for next outing.
- Ron Young

Very good and authentic Mexican food and good service.
- Pedro Silva

Best ever!!!!
Staff is amazing and the food is as good as if you were at some Marketa in the heart of Mexico!!
- Rocio Garza

Delicious , they even have Chinese too The Mexican food is yum yum yum
- Mushroom Blue Goddess
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