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Our Mexican Buffet Is Never Too Far Out of Reach 

Hacienda Vallarta Mexican Buffet & Bakery is one of six restaurants in the San Antonio region. That’s right! If you live in or around the area, our Mexican food is just a short drive away from your home or work. We make satisfying Mexican food, including carnita Mexicana, cravings easier than ever by filling our buffets with hot, fresh, and perfectly prepared foods. You’re sure to always get a fresh batch of food every time you visit, no matter the time of day. 
If you’ve never been to one of our Mexican buffet restaurants before, now’s as good a time as any! We look forward to serving your guests in our special party room at Hacienda Vallarta or sending you off with the best desserts you’ve ever had from our Taqueria Vallarta #1 bakery. 
Best Menudo San Antonio, TX
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